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Hotel Loans In Trouble - Pointers For Lenders

Lenders who understand the unique and complex aspects of hotel collateral can avoid costly missteps and resulting losses.  More»


Approaching the International Hotel Project Intelligently: Considerations to Reduce Complexity, Costs, and Risks

The forces of globalization continue to change our world, and with it the hotel industry. In response, U.S. hotel developers, brand owners, and investors have continued to accelerate their efforts to extend their reach across borders and apply their skills in new, international markets  More»


Troubled Condo Hotel Workouts – the Time Has Arrived

The recent collapse of the residential real estate boom has put significant stress on the hotel industry’s fledgling condo hotel segment.  More»


When a Condo Hotel Implosion Appears Imminent, What Can Be Done?

In February 2006, we warned that some borderline and even ill-advised condo hotel projects were being pursued. We asked, if a borderline project is built, how can the owners’ association or the developer (if he is still in the game) help avert an implosion?   More»


What is a Condo Hotel, Why Does it Work, and Why is it Challenging?

Condo hotels, the industry’s hot new segment, has been given prominent billing at virtually every hotel conference in the past three years. The writing on the subject, however, can seem dense and confusing to the uninitiated.   More»


Condo Hotels: Three Years into the Concept

Condo hotels have been the industry’s new, hot segment for the past three years. At virtually every hotel conference, the topic has been given prominent billing.   More»


Troubled Hotels and the Renegotiation of Management Agreements

It was the hotel industry’s “perfect storm”: the bursting tech bubble, a recession, 9-11, the war in Afghanistan, the SARS scare, and the invasion of Iraq.  More»


Condo-Hotels: How Developers and Owners’ Associations can Avert a Hotel Implosion

USA Today published a full-page article in its business section entitled “It’s a Hotel. It’s a Condo. No, It’s Both!” Hoteliers and developers are not accustomed to seeing the lodging industry’s business trends make national news in the general press. The USA Today article clearly demonstrates that the condo hotel rage is in full swing.  More»


The Condo Hotel Rental Program Agreement

As Bart Bartholdt concluded his article “The Condo Hotel: When Might the Security Laws Apply” (© 2005 Graham & Dunn PC), “[s]tructuring a rental program to be offered in connection with Units in a condo hotel, in such a way as to avoid the securities laws, requires careful attention.” In the spirit of “careful attention” this article looks at elements of a rental program agreement (“Agreement”), offering comments and discussion illustrating the unique operational issues it presents. Each project and hotel owner is unique, therefore the guidance and language provided is intended as a starting point for the drafter.   More»

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