The Firm – Dedication to the Hospitality Industry

Sandman Savrann is devoted to providing comprehensive, first-choice legal counsel to the hospitality industry. 

Our highly regarded industry counselors lead an interdisciplinary team of professionals to deliver cost-effective, industry-informed counsel for local, regional, national, and international hotel companies. 

Sandman Savrann is built on the understanding that narrow, technical legal assistance is no longer enough.  Companies need counselors who know the special relationships that exist in the hospitality industry, who have extensive contacts within it, and whose reputations are built on trust, loyalty and integrity.

Sandman Savrann’s industry counselors are distinguished by their extensive knowledge, experience, contacts, and reputations in the hospitality industry. These strengths allow us to reach your objectives more quickly and effectively, minimizing stress and enhancing your valued relationships. We actually help clients create opportunities and accomplish objectives that otherwise might not be achievable. 

Our Firm's organization as a dedicated industry team stands in sharp contrast to other law firms.  Traditional firms organize in technical practice area silos, such as tax, trademark, real estate, and litigation.  Because most firms aren't organized to build, maintain, or teach industry knowledge, clients must educate and re-educate their lawyers about the basics of their industry, the players in the industry, and their business strategies and objectives.  We understand this frustration.  At Sandman Savrann the difference is unmistakable from the very first phone call.

The Firm's structure includes our Associated Firms in Boston, New York, Scottsdale, and Seattle.  These team members, led by our industry counselors, allow us to deliver in-depth practice and technical knowledge, without myopic thinking, to fully handle the special needs of the hospitality industry, including trademark, franchise, litigation, reorganization and workouts, employment, securities, and tax.

Sandman Savrann works with some of the best hoteliers and hotel companies in the industry.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you reach your goals.



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